Why do dogs chase your car?

You would have seen some dogs chasing the noisy monsters like trucks, motor cycles and cars. We had earlier mentioned about this habit and how to stop it. Now, we should know why they do? They sometime tear the tyres and mud flaps. You will notice that, after chasing a while and when the vehicle has gone beyond ‘his territory’, he returns to his home-turf with satisfied expression of thwarting the 'attack' by an intruder. He will consider himself as the 'winner' with a score of Dog-5 and Car-0 ! Automobile chasing is generally a territorial reaction. This chasing activity is more so with vehicles running regularly like, postal van, delivery van, milk vender or post man/women. Often, these delivery-persons will narrate the harrowing experiences they had with some dogs.

According to some canine psychologists, vehicle-chasing is a predatory behaviour. Noise and motion trigger such response. Frustrated herding dogs are more prone to this behaviour. This action is nothing but a redirected form of 'prey-drive'. The herding dogs drives out prey, but does not follow with the kill. This ingrained behaviour can be changed with difficulty as described in earlier write-ups.

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