World's Richest Pets !

Have you ever thought of the wealth your pet may 'inherit' from you ? Now, here is a quick-list for you to decide the succession plan.

German Shepherd, 'Gunther IV' inherited US$ 372 million from his father Gunther III who in turn got it from his owner Countess Karlotta Libenstien of Germany who passed away. Apart from this, he also owns a house, a BMW, driver, chef, several servants and is successfully bidding the popular pop star, Madonna's old Miami beach resort and rare white truffle. He can be considered as the richest canine living...

Maltese Poodle of real estate baron Leona Helmsley who passed away recently inherited a net worth of $ 2 million. Leona Helmsley bequeathed her dog 'Trouble' a grand sum of $ 12 million. But the relatives went to court and had to settle with $ 2 million. The security expense of this dog alone ran up to a figure of $100,000.

Toby Rimes - this Poodle inherited his fortune from Ella Wendel and is now worth $ 92 million.

Oprah Winfrey's dogs will inherit Sterling Pounds 30 million.

Flossy, the Labrador will inherit $3 million from Barrymore, when the actor dies.

Frankie, with the lucky dog with $ 5.3 million, is living in San Diego. It's care was taken up by its neighbour when its owner died.

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