Obedience Classes for your Pet

Many pet owners often ask about the obedience classes for their pets. This depends upon two factors - the first one being, why do you want it? The second being, does your pet needs such a high level training and, if trained, are they of any use to you? Remember that some pet schools are notoriously bad and spoil your dog permanently making him an aggressive and biting one, that too in an irreversible manner. First enquire about the person who runs the training centre.

Often, some of the retired police or military personnel from the dog squad offer training and they are likely to be relied upon. You should also check up with pet owners who had their pets trained by these facilities or trainers. Also, enquire whether you will be allowed during the training and whether his expertise will be available for some time after the training course is over.

Teaching advanced tricks are always a fascination for many dog owners. For this, make sure that he has mastered the 'basic commands' that we discussed previously. First "talk" to your pet with simple words and gestures to orient him about what you are going to train him. Do not worry whether he understands it or not. You will find that he is intently looking at you as if he understands every word you are uttering. Also, consider if he is to be taught how to give a ‘shake hand’. Let him sit on the haunches, hold one of the fore limbs and do ‘shake hand’ repeating the command of ‘shake hand... shake hand’..... If your pet is thorough with basic commands, go for advanced tricks like ‘Rolling Over’,  ‘Sit up’,  ‘Lie as Dead’ and so on.

Many dog owners worry about their dog which is badly trained. The ray of hope is that your pet can be re-trained properly if you are prepared and willing to take great effort and patience; at times, with a little force if required.

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