Training Tips...

Training for Collar and Leash:

After the pup reaches your home, wait for a week for familiarisation and put light-weight collar on him. He may feel it annoying and may try to remove it. Leave it on him for a week. Wait for another week and put light-weight leash on the collar, while keeping him indoors, before taking him outside. If he is taken outside, he get excited and try to run away and this make the leash to get entangled. Take him outside and step a metre or so from him and give command of ‘Come’ and simultaneously give a gentle pull on the leash. Encourage by talking to him and praise when he moves towards you.

Once he has learned to move with leash, never allow him to lead you or lunge from you. If he tries, pull him back and command ‘No’ to him. Give this command in sharp tone. His 'first walk' outside the house should be short- both in distance and duration. Take the pup for a few metres away from your home and coax him to walk back home. In case he refuses to comply, just jiggle (not pull with force) the leash and encourage by speaking to him. If he still does not budge, drag him along, until he moves his own accord. The moment he moves, encourage by praising and do pat him.

'Jumping over people': How to prevent it?

For every instance he jumps over the people, he should be pulled down with command ‘No’ and ‘Down’ to him. If it jumps on you, fold one leg and press the knee on his chest so that he cannot come close to you. Show your displeasure in his act.

‘Sit’ and ‘Lie down’ : How to teach?

Train your pet to sit. This is done by pressing his hind-quarters and simultaneously raising his head. This is easily achieved while feeding. To raise his head, the feeding bowl can be held raised and pup will be tempted to raise the head for the food. Repeat your command ‘Sit’ while doing so. When he sits, praise and pat him for what he has done, by saying like, ‘Good boy/girl’. After he has learnt the command of 'sit' at home, rehearse it by taking him out-side or to your friends’ house. This is to reinforce the command even in the presence of others or other distractions. 'Sit’ is an important command and has to be thoroughly taught since it is to be used when he is in a crowd or to stop him from any action which is not expected of him.

‘Lie down’ is also practised simultaneously by pressing hind quarters to the floor, pulling his front feet forward and repeating the command ‘Lie down’. As soon as he reaches the desired position, praise him for what he has done. Practise moderation, while praising him for all these. Otherwise, it may excite and tempt him to get up soon !

'Stay in Spot'- how to achieve it? 

Making your pet to stay in a spot is to be tried only after he has mastered the previous command like ‘Sit’. While he is in sitting position, command him 'stay' repeatedly and try to back away a few paces from him. When he tries to get up, proceed to him and scold for what he has done. Again put him back in sitting position. Repeat the command ‘sit’ and pace back as before. Although teaching him this command is bit difficult, it is much important since this is required on many occasions and repeatedly for various purposes. Rehearse this exercise several times, several days, until your pet remains at the spot unless he is called to move.

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