Trees to become street lights in Animal Farms !

Many scientists are trying methods to find out street-light systems that can save electricity. Though, the latest fad is the LED(Light Emitting Diodes) as lamp-posts for lighting streets at night. Now biotechnologists have found a new method of using trees which will glow at night. Fire-flys or glow-worms or lightning bugs, a beetle of Cleopatra order has been baffling the scientists- the bioluminescence they produce. This phenomenon is also seen in some deep sea fishes.

The advantages are many. They produce light without producing any heat. A group of scientists are working on the methods of implanting this gene to different organisms and  claim to have succeeded in their attempt. They also hope to develop a successful method to have transgenic plants with the genes that are capable of producing bioluminescence. Scientists at Cambridge University has successfully experimented with genes of fire-flies and certain glowing sea bacteria, to produce 'BioBrics'- genetic building block. These 'BioBrics' can be inserted to a genome,i.e. the complete set of genetic material in the cell of a living organism.

Future is not far off - avenues with glowing trees. Animal farms can introduce such trees in graze lands, thus going green as well as safe for animals.

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