Whom do you love most - Pet or Spouse ?!

Whom do you love most? Your pet dog or partner? Answers received were a bit surprising and probably unexpected. If you are stranded on a desert island people feel that the man's best friend is the ideal companion than a human. An on-line survey done with pet lovers, responded that they preferred their dog to their partner. They feel that they can't stay away from their pets.

After the dogs, the choice was their beloveds. Cats accounted 12%. The survey was conducted in Australia. There is a bias in the survey that most of the people responded were pet lovers. Still they feel that the percentage bagged by the dog is more than that was expected by them. They feel that when you are stranded, dogs will not nag you as human would ordinarily do, while dogs give you a good company and stand by your side. They say that man-dog companionship has long history and work as team, herding your cattle and sheep, assist in crime prevention, rescue people in disasters or when  get lost, protect our territories, go to war with us and even as a guide if you are blind.

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