Pelicans Too Can Get Drunk !

Beware of pelicans! Recently, a pelican crashed headlong into a car, and another three of the Californian brown pelicans were found wandering, dazed in the streets of Laguna Beach.

The crashed pelican suffered a very deep cut in its pouch and the scientists tested the contents. They suspect these four pelicans are being drunk on see algae.

Wildlife Care Centre officials feels that sea birds may have been under the influence of the algae in the ocean, and these algae when eaten produced the domoic acid poisoning.

The local Wildlife authorities warned the public to be on the look out for birds appeared “drunk” disoriented or noticed at unusual places. In 1961, there was a similar attack of sea birds on people on cars in the ocean side California town of Capitola; a scene similar to the horror movie "The birds" produced by Alfred Hitchcock. Scientists traced back this unusual behaviour to consuming shell fish contaminated with the domoic acid.

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