Now, monkeys could escape from Ebola virus...

There is currently no antiviral therapy or preventive vaccine for the highly pathogenic Ebola virus, which causes haemorrhage and death in upto 90% of infected persons in some outbreaks. New Vaccine Against Ebola Virus Protects Monkeys. Previous research findings demonstrated the vaccine against Ebola challenge in guinea pigs and mice, which led researchers in National Institute of Health - Maryland, to employ a similar approach in non-human primates.

Scientists say that, there's still some way to go before a human vaccine is available but this is a step in the right direction.

This vaccine strategy may also have broader applicability. The general approach to vaccination, a DNA immunization followed by adenovirus boosting, is a highly effective way to boost immunity to otherwise deadly viruses and this approach may also be applied to other infectious diseases that have high impact on human health, such as AIDS, Malaria, or TB.

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