Now, Cattle in New Delhi too have microchips...

City cattle are going the high-tech way. Authorities in New Delhi have started inserting microchips into cows to tackle the decades-old problem of cattle roaming freely in the streets of the Indian capital. Officials can now keep track of cows and see where they are and try to curb the problem of cows moving around in the streets.

The move came after the Delhi High Court slammed civic authorities this month for failing to round up cows and ordered officials to pay 2,000 Rupees to anyone who brings in a stray. The microchips -- costing about 500 rupees each -- would be planted in the cow's digestive tract.

There are an estimated 35,000 cows and buffalo in the capital and its surrounding areas. If a cow is captured, the owner has to pay 10,000 Rupees as a fine to get it released. Later, would it be a cheaper way to buy a new cow ?!!

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