King of the Forest Starving

Lions are undoubtedly considered to be the king of the forest. But the lions born in a major zoo in Ethiopia is having a bad time. A major zoo in Ethiopia is putting to sleep rare lion cubs and selling it to be stuffed. Lion is the national symbol of the country but they are doing this because the zoo can’t afford to care for the animals.

“These animals are the pride of our country” The official of the lion zoo says “But our only alternative now is to send them to the taxidermist”. Ethiopian lions are famous for their black manes; adorn statues and the local currency the countries emperors were long fascinated by lions, part of the connection with Solomon, the lion of Judah. This year, the Lions Zoo has put to sleep six cubs so far.

The official says that poisoning of cubs has been going on at least since he arrived two years ago. Total number of cubs killed was not clear. Federal wildlife officials supervise euthanasia.

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