Keep Pets and have Better Health !

# Reduce medical appointments for minor health problems: Studies show that people with pets have a fewer medical appointments and minor health problems.

# Increases longevity: People having a dog increases the odds for survival in persons who have had heart attack from 1 in 15 to 1 in 87. Additionally pets may actually reduce the risk of heart attack.

# Increases physical activity: Exercising and attending pets gives more physical activity to the owner.

# Lower cholesterol and triglycerides: People who keep pets showed lower cholesterol and triglycerides when compared to those who do not have pets but with the same parameters like weight, diet, and smoking habits.

# Decrease blood pressure and reduce stress: Women undergoing stress tests showed less blood pressure in the presence of dogs than their friends! Similarly, kids who had pets present during physical examination showed lower heart rate, BP and behavioural distress.

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