Here are some of the interesting pet owner survey results !

As an animal lover, you need to know how other pet owners consider, enjoy and live with their pets. The survey was held in United States and the results shown below are some of the highlights. Later, we would try to include more such interesting information from across the Globe, including " Internet Behaviour " of the pet animal owners, also covering Europe, Asia and other geographical regions.

Among ' pet owner ' survey participants....

95% pet owners hug their dog daily
91% hug their cat daily.
92% play with their dog daily
85% play with their cat daily
45% have taken their dog on vacation
16% have taken their cat on vacation.
43% dog owners have celebrated their dog's birthday.
29% have celebrated their cat's birthday,

The top three Health problems experienced by DOG


1) Fleas and Ticks
2) Ear infections
3) Allergies

The top three Behavioural problems experienced by CAT


1) Clawing the furniture
2) Climbing on furniture or counters
3) Eliminating in the house, outside the litter box

The top three behavioural problems experienced by DOG


1) Barking and growling
2) Jumping on people
3) Begging for food !!

In fact, only 19% of the dog owners have taken their dogs to obedience training.

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