Five-Star Treatment for Dogs

Gourmet Biscuits, Spas, The Works!

The expression doghouse need no longer refer to a place of disgrace. Not if you go by recent trends in Europe. Just the other day, the BBC correspondent in France reported on the opening of a Parisian patisserie baking up gourmet snacks for canines in the form of bone-shaped cookies made of real foie grass and cat-shaped bacon biscuits or peanut butter bears with a garlic or cheese flavour!

For diabetic dogs, sugar-free biscuits were on offer. And all this prepared by award winning American pastry chef Harriet Sternstein despite the French establishment’s apprehensions of anything Anglo-Saxon in the wake of Gulf War Two! Sternstein developed her expertise in canine cuisine at home in the USA where she had to cater to her golden Labrador Sophie-Marie whose love for biscuits was only matched by her fondness for glamorous pink nail vanish! Dogs are allowed to pick and choose their favourite flavours at the Parisian patisserie

Known as Mon Bon Chien, French for my good dog, the patisserie even provides theme-based specialities for Halloween, Christmas and Valentine’s Day. Meanwhile, in nearby Versailles where Louis the XVIth and Marie Antoinette lived it up just before the French Revolution, the four-star Trianon Palace Hotel is offering a new package featuring room–service menus for dogs.

The canine clientele is also provided with designer basket with luxury blankets and a range of toiletries, which includes a shampoo and a popular fragrance called “Oh My Dog!” And in Devon in the southwest corner of England, the Holne Chase Hotel near Ash Burton is offering pedicures, luxury baths and spa treatment for guest-dogs! With globalization being the order of the day, It will only be a matter of time before Indian hotels go to the dogs and provide gourmet snacks, spas and room-service for man’s best friend, thereby creating yet another divide in this country which the late Nirad C Chaudhuri once termed the Continent of Circle!

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