Dogs in San Francisco to have on-board Microchips !

You have on-board chips in cars and this time, canine owners near the San Francisco will be in the dog house, if they don't obey a trend-setting requirement to implant pooches with identification microchips.

Although, the idea is not new with many pet owners already have such implants to track lost pets, officials in the city of Oakland, across the bay from San Francisco, are making it a crime not to have high-tech dog tags imbedded under the skin of what the socially sensitive refer to as "canine companions".

The microchips are about the size of rice grains and are easily implanted under the skin of dog's neck. For most dogs, it is relatively painless. The animal services department charges owners US$10 to implant a chip, which stores an identification number that can be read by a handheld scanner. Information about dog owners is linked to those numbers in a computer. It is very effective, cheap and easy according to the city administration officials.

Breaking the law once will result in a warning. Second offence will be punishable by fines of $100, and subsequent strikes will be hit with fines of $1000, according to the ordinance, which is in the process of being approved by the city. The ordinance is expected to go into effect soon. In addition, it bans people from owning more than three dogs unless granted an exemption and also bars the ownership of roosters in city limits.

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