Opera Singer Boosts Cows' Milk Production with Sweet Music !

It's not the usual audience for an opera performance, but the milk production of a herd of Lancashire dairy cows may be boosted by being serenaded by an Italian opera singer.

Marcello Bedoni has treated the herd to intimate renditions of his operatic favourites in the Sabden farm after flying in from Italy for 'a great audience'.

It may seem a bizarre...but Farmer Bobby Gill is optimistic. He believes the music will help improve the taste of the ice cream, produced in its Wigan factory with the cows' milk !

Taste-testing will confirm if the unorthodox measure has worked but farming experts support the project, explaining that soothing sounds or music can reduce stress and encourage relaxation. A contented cow is likely to produce more milk, which hopefully tastes better too.

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