Mutated DNA blamed for Golden Retriever neurological disorder

A new study conducted by researchers from three International universities concluded that an inherited neurological disorder affecting Golden Retrievers is caused by a DNA mutation. Sensory Ataxic Neuropathy (SAN) is a recently identified disorder that begins affecting Golden Retrievers as puppies, causing them to become unco-ordinated and have sensory deficits.

Researchers from the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Uppsala University and the Karolinska Institute have identified the cause of SAN as a mutation in microchondrial DNA that occurs through maternal inheritance. Specifically, a one-base pair deletion in the mitochondrial tRN-Tyr gene was discovered, with further study revealing the mutation causes mitochondrial dysfunction leading to progressive loss of neurons, according to the study.

About 5 percent of the Swedish Golden Retriever population was found to carry the mutated gene, and screening has been developed to thwart further transmissions, researchers say.

Reports: DVM Newsmagazine

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