Gene mutation that causes EIC in Labradors discovered

Researchers at the University of Minnesota's College of Veterinary Medicine (UMCVM) have discovered a gene mutation that could be responsible for exercise-induced collapse (EIC) syndrome in Labrador retrievers. EIC can cause Labs to start to lose control of their hind limbs after intense hunting or other activities the breed is trained to

The gene dynamin 1 is highly associated with EIC and is an important part of synaptic transmission. The mutated version of the gene diminishes its ability to foster communication between nerves, interrupting synaptic transmission during intense exercise. This results in muscle-controlling nerves not working as they are meant to so the dog's muscles go limp, according to UMCVM researchers.

Up to 30 percent of all Labrador retrievers carry the mutation, according to researchers, who have developed a test to detect whether a dog carries the normal or mutated version of the
gene. Any veterinarian can offer the test by drawing blood samples and sending them to the UMCVM.

Reports: DVM Newsmagazine

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